Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Make Your Living Room The Social Hub Of Your Home

Your living room is more than the room where you watch television, it's here that you welcome guests to your home. It's where you entertain, and relax. Make your living room into a cozy and comfortable spot so that your guests can sit back and chat. Remember, socializing just doesn't work as well when everyone is stiff and uncomfortable.

Rearrange your seating

It's difficult to hold a conversation with someone if you have you keep twisting your neck to see them. Even worse is if they are too far away to hear when you speak in a conversational voice. Bring your seating closer, maybe use a large area rug to define the space. You're friends will be chatting and interacting with each other in moments.

Use soft colors

While bright colors may be invigorating, they can also be distracting when trying to hold a conversation. Dark colors give depth, but they can make your space intimidating. Soft or nuetral colors will seem inviting. Faux stone panels can bring the depth you're looking for as well as texture.

Give your guests seating options

You want your guests to feel as comfortable as you can make them when they're in your home. Give them a choice of seating options. Cushions on the floor are a great way to make up for lack of seating as well. Think of the many ways your guests may interact and be sure to provide a stable place to sit drinks, or you may end up with a mess.

Make use of accessories

You don't want a bland, boring room, nor do you want your room to feel like a show peice that can't be touched. You can use throw pillows as a way to bring a splash of color and personality to your living room. By not perfectly placing your pillows you can give your guests the go ahead to move them to sit, as well as to use them for comfort. Faux stone panels on your wall are a great way to add a natural looking color to your room.

Share your interests

Displaying things that you're interested in can be a great way to break the ice, as well as make your room personal. So display those posters you love, or those pictures from the trip you took a few years ago. Your pieces may even spark conversations between other people.

Provide a nice view

When possible a nice view can relax your guests and open the conversational gates. If there is a nice view outside, make use of it by leaving your curtains open. Make sure before your guests arrive that your home is clean and uncluttered. People will be more relaxed in an uncluttered space.

Your Social Hub

You will have a space that you'll be proud of and want to entertain in using these tips and ideas. Have fun with it and create a space that you will love, and so will your guests. You'll be amazed how much a few little changes can improve the social factor of your home. 

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